MEGACHROME blue / 21000K

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A blue spectrum light with a temperature of more than 21.000 Kelvin which radiates actinic blue light to highlight the blue and green colours of your corals. You can use this bulb in combination with the MEGACHROME marine or coral bulbs in order to emphasise the blue colours of the whole aquarium. MEGACHROME blue is ideal for representing lighting levels at night-time or if you want to simulate the phases of the moon.
Developed especially for salt-water aquariums that need a very high light performance. All colours of the fish and corals have a brilliant and fluorescent appearance due to a light spectrum with less red and a higher proportion of blue. The bulb offers a notably higher brightness than other similar lamps and therefore guarantees a considerable increase in growth of even sensitive coral types. Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN MEGACHROME metal halide lamps (HQI). This is an impressive proof of the outstanding quality of MEGACHROME bulbs. MEGACHROME lamps are characterized by a long lifetime and highest color stability. MEGACHROME lamps are of course produced only on modern production facilities in Germany. 
High luminous flux
color temperature:  21.000° Kelvin
We offer the MEGACHROME blue with capacities of 
  • 150 Watt 
  • 250 Watt 
  • 400 Watt 
  • double ended
    (150 and 250 Watt)
  • single ended E40
    (250 and 400 Watt)

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