Aquarium systems

Aquarium systems

LUXURY AQUARIUMS made in Germany

The GIESEMANN aquarium programme offers you a wide range of options. They all have one thing in common: they are something special and stand out from the usual standard.

LINEA Complete:
Choose fully pre-configured complete systems for marine and tropic aquariums of different styles from our LINEA Complete programme.

LINEA individual:
The LINEA Individual - range offers free scope for design with colours and shapes, volumes and materials that previously only created atmosphere in living rooms. Set attractive accents with special furnishing elements and special aquariums. Turn walls and niches into eye-catchers and create new living spaces. Be inspired and discover space for all your ideas.

With the LINEA Individual, first select the desired dimensions and add the system to the shopping basket (initially just for testing if necessary). You will find a variety of options below the selected item - you can also select the desired features and configure your desired equipment. 

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LINEA individual - MARINE

Product no.: 20.500.200 - M

Saltwater aquarium system
with customised design

from 1,475.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 30 days

20.500.200 - T

Product no.: 20.500.200 - T

from 1,395.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 30 days


Product no.: 20.999.450

99.00 *
In stock

LINEA marine Design options

Product no.: 20.550.270-M

in design combinations
for your marine aquarium system

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