Canopies / Aquarium hoods

Canopies / Aquarium hoods

SPHERA aquarium canopies made of aluminium in a timeless design. Whilst superior aluminium creates an exclusive look in your home, you will be convinced by its superior appearance and at the same time its durability, stability and resistivity. The aquarium hood SPHERA is an outstanding opportunity to elevate your aquarium into upper class living. Available in T-5 or LED technology and various sizes or just custom made according to your demands.

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SPHERA aquarium canopy

Product no.: 20.400.729

Innovative aquarium canopy, mat silver anodised,
optional with integrated T-5 or LED illumination

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Product no.: 20.120.000

light bar for two T-5 lamps
including reflectors

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In stock
can be shipped within 3 days
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