TESZLA evo - AKTION Alt./.Neu - 90 Watt

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The smart evolution of the Teszla
Control with LYNK PRO app

Performance can look this smart

  • 90 Watt max.
  • 1160 PAR
  • 9 LED colours
  • 6 LED channels
  • 950 gramm only
  • Slim Design
  • Available in aluminium black or silver
  • Aluminium housing - salt water resistant
  • Ultra Noise Cancelling fan
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Still repairable even after many years

Smart Reef Lighting

With the TEZSLA evo, we pack all our expertise and premium technology made in Germany into the smallest of spaces. With its elegant mix of materials and its dimensions (22 x 16 x 3 cm), the TESZLA evo is not only visually one of the smartest aquarium lights, but also thanks to its clever lynk pro Bluetooth control and unique light distribution.

It is controlled using the free new "lynk pro" Bluetooth app, which enables a wide range of setting options for day sequences and the grouping of several lights.

New standards in the class

Thanks to the combination of efficient, highly polished individual reflectors and clear, prism-directed light distribution, the TESZLA evo sets a new standard in its class with a beam pattern of 106 degrees. This makes the TESZLA evo not only a stylish and efficient solution for nano, shallow and cube aquariums, but also ideal for larger aquarium systems. 6 LED channels and a sophisticated combination of the latest LED high performance class allow a detailed and individual mixture of all necessary spectra.

Efficiency in the smallest of spaces

Thanks to the Diamond Prism light distribution in combination with highly polished individual reflectors, this small and smart light is able to illuminate an area of 70 x 70 x 60 cm homogeneously without sacrificing the popular curling effect. This new lighting optic achieves uniform, wide-spread and virtually loss-free illumination.

Old for new campaign for the new TESZLA evo*

Send us your old TESZLA aquarium light (or another functional LED light with a former new price of €300 or more) and receive the new TESZLA evo marine at a special price (instead of the original price =  €439.00) including guarantee.
When you order your desired promotional light, we will send it to you within a few days after receipt of payment. You then have 14 days to send us your old light (free shipping for Giesemann). If we have not received your old lamp back after 21 days or if it does not meet the following conditions, we will charge the difference to the original price. The same applies to third-party products; in addition, we ask for proof of purchase of the original value of the lamp for unknown or unpopular products. So-called DIY products are excluded from the promotion.
This promotion applies to the 1:1 exchange of your lights, so if you would like to exchange more than just one light, this is also possible. The light to be exchanged must be sent in complete, i.e. including power supply unit, cable and any required WIFI/Bluetooth passwords, and must be fully functional, whereby failure of individual LEDs will be accepted. Your returned lights become the property of Giesemann Lichttechnik GmbH for free use. Please note: We do NOT accept carriage forward shipments. Offsetting against other purchases or orders is not possible, nor is a cash refund on the old device. 

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