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Attention: EU-version for 230V|50Hz only. For other regions this light may be used with an additional step-up converter e.g. for 110V|60Hz.

US-Version for 110V|60Hz is delivered without external ballast.


LeuchtmittelEnthalten   Delivery already including bulbs and tubes


Pure High Performance


Innovative HQ-5 technology

This high-power premium lighting system with a classic modern design, a dynamic profile, bold appearance is a brave reinterpretation of classic GIESEMANN design elements. SPECTRA is a new embodiment of the typical GIESEMANN design - a piece of technology ready for the limelight.




Unlimited Light Preformance


For Professionals

We designed SPECTRA specifically for the illumination of larger or professional salt-water aquariums and focused specifically on high light power, simple handling and optimal light mixing.

The use of Metal Halide lamps which are single-ended HQI bulbs with E40 sockets, allows for a design with very big, wide radiating reflectors, which were also designed and laid our specifically to avoid glare. This newly developed reflector technology with special wide mirrors creates an optimally distributed light in practically every position. Additionally, 4 T-5 fluorescent tubes are utilized to enhance colour representation.

Optimized light performance

The entire construction was calculated to maximize light mixture of the T-5 lamps and the bulbs, merging the best of both technologies. GIESEMANN´s SPECTRA also has special details such as a separate control for the different light sources, digital ignition and varnishing in different standard colours.


Smart Details


Thoughtful characteristics

With an extensive range of fittings, your aquarium lighting system becomes a visual highlight on top of your aquarium.

Low loss UV band elimination filters are an integral part of the equipment as is the adjustable steel wire suspension (adjustably horizontally and axially).

The SPECTRA series is externally controlled, with an integrated ballast device and digital ignition, which on one side reduces the weight of the lighting systems to an absolute minimum, and on the other side achieves optimal heat dissipation. The thoughtful characteristics of SPECTRA also include the easy exchange of lamps and the extremely easy-to-clean surface, with premium-grade powder coating. Your aquarium lighting system becomes a visual highlight on top of your aquarium.

Proven a thousand times


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