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Product no.: 20.500.27 - M

LINEA marine

Marine aquarium system with 70 or 85 cm cabinet height: frame made of silver anodised aluminium. Doors made of satinised safety glass, side panels in 3 decors, open rear wall, base plate, compensating rubber for the aquarium support, integrated 3-part silver anodised bottom frame (height 50 mm). Pool aquarium (height 55 cm) front and side glasses Optiwhite white glass, all glass edges with diamond cut and polished, glued with black silicone, overflow with comb and 3 holes in the bottom glass, PVC piping, hose material and regulation taps, multi-stage filter chamber made of glass (in the aquarium cabinet) with reservoir for osmosis water. Extendable by the seawater package (feed pump and protein skimmer). Without aquarium cover, lighting optional from our extensive lighting range.

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CHROMA marine

Product no.: 20.500.820-M

CHROMA - marine

The aquarium system with high-gloss 19 mm decor elements for the sides and doors.
Basic corpus is a strong, corrosion free aluminum frame, with integrated water-proof bottom made of 10 mm plastic. Doors with softclose and push-to-open mechanism. All decor elements are moisture protected and laser-edged. Aquarium height on all models 55 cm, all glass edges diamond cut and polished.
Pool-aquarium with low iron glass (Optiwhite), open top aquarium, multi-stage filter chamber in the base cabinet with RO-reservoir. Expandable by the Marine package. Lighting optional from our extensive lighting program.

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