VERVVE G-3 marine - 170 Watt

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Power of Reef Lighting


The perfect Reef Light

With a power consumption of up to 170 watts, state-of-the-art high-power LEDs and uniformly homogeneous illumination, it is one of the most effective lights  in aquaristics.




The (optional) use of a diffuser instead of high glossy reflectors and the combination with optimal PAR & PUR values makes the VervVe G3 the perfect reef lighting. The design speaks for itself and the workmanship is of the highest level.


The new Generation

170 Watt max.
680 PAR
optional high glossy reflectors / diffusor for optimal illumination
Powder coated aluminium housing
Polar white or irridium grey metallic
interated Wi-Fi control
Lights combinable
Passive & active cooling / extremely quiet
Hand made in Germany
Still repairable after many years





No Spot Effect and Homogeneous illumination
By dispensing with highly concentrating lenses and using a diffuser disc, perfect illumination is achieved for surfaces of 80 x 70 cm and depths of up to 80 cm. The entire light of the VERVvE G3 is directed into the aquarium without loss and similar to a T5.

HR variant

Alternatively, we offer the HR version of the VERVvE G3 with high-gloss individual reflectors: The specially designed, high-gloss individual reflectors of each LED color guarantee maximum light output and optimum color mixing of the LED. The entire light of the VERVvE G3 HR is thus directed into the aquarium without loss. The additional mirrored underside of the reflector surface also ensures optimum glare control and directs light reflections on the water surface back into the aquarium - 100% of the light is thus available to your aquarium.





Useful information



Things to know about the VervVe G3 LED aquarium lighting

PAR values:

PAR measurement is used to measure the photosynthetic active radiation of plants in the visible light range (380 > 780 nm). The final effective PAR value over your aquarium depends on many factors. These include not only the water movement, but also the density of the water.

PUR values:

The photosynthetic radiation (PUR) relevant for optimal Zoox photosynthesis lies between 360 and 480 nm and begins outside the range of visible light (measured with PAR meters) in the UV range and continues in the blue range of visible light. The PUR value is calculated by isolating the PUR wavelength intensity data for each individual wavelength from the so-called radio spectrometer analysis.

PUR in the entire blue spectrum of the new VervVe G3 corresponds to 100% PUR and, simply explained, is marginally higher than the PAR value we measured because of the undetectable UV wavelengths. Since we work with different channels in the white range, which extend from 3,500 > 8,500 K, a PUR value of 65% of the PAR values of these channels has been calculated on average.


In addition to the irradiance of a light source, the photon flux density (PPFD) should also be taken into account. - abbreviated PPFD. Here, only the usable photons and not the total energy are taken into account. Photon flux density counts the number of photons that hit a square metre per second. The number is then expressed in micromoles per square metre and second (μmol/m2s).




Experience & passion


We don't just limit ourselves to blue and one white channel, but the LED configuration of the new VervVe G3 LED aquarium light includes 6 channels. This configuration offers the highest performance and guarantees the perfect lighting for marine aquariums

LED fitting
  VervVe G3
Numbers of LED Cluster 2
Numbers of LED 56
Power LED total 170 W
Spectrum LED total 3.500 - 25.000 K
Lifetime of LED 22.000 hours (L70/B10)
UV | 400 nm 2
UV | 410 nm 4
Purple | 420 nm 4
Royal blue | 440 - 450 nm   14
Blue| 455 - 465 nm 8
Blue | 465 - 480 nm 4
Cyan | 490 - 500 nm 4
White | 3.500 K 2
White | 6.500 K 12
White | 8.500 K 2




We also used the latest technology for control and every Vervve G3 can now be controlled with our lynk Control App.

Thanks to the new smart Giesemann lynk - Lightcontrol Wi-Fi App, VervVe G3 can be controlled directly without any other peripherals. Use our well thought-out presets in Easy Mode or the extensive Professional Mode.

Share your preferred light profile with other users via Whatsapp or e-mail. The lynk app is available for download free of charge from the Apple Store and the Google Playstore.


Further Details


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