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Extra Trace
with chromium 25 ml. for 12.500 lt.

Elos Extra Trace, an EXPERTLINE additive, is a product specifically designed to meet the needs of all aquariums with a high number of corals, as well as aquariums with very efficient filtration, skimmers or with very powerful lighting systems. Especially for the advanced marine aquarium enthusiast, it is a very efficient, highly concentrated integrator that contains a balanced amount of trace elements such as manganese, barium, boron, iron, gold, as well as a variety of other pure salts necessary for fish and invertebrates, sometimes in very small amounts.


    Guaranteed quality: produced under strict control
    in modern plants designed for the production of high-purity medicines.
    Highly pure: because made from pure salts of laboratory quality.
    Better bioavailability: thanks to the use of a unique component
    with slow release
    High efficiency: 25 ml treats 12,500 lt of aquarium water (3,300 gal).

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