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Extra Iodine 25 ml - Iodine supplement for 12,500L.

Elos Extra Iodine, an EXPERT LINE additive, is a very efficient, highly concentrated integrator containing iodine in its most effective form, as elemental I2.

Iodine is rapidly consumed in the system and removed by protein skimming, ozone, carbon filtration and intense light. Elos Extra Iodine provides iodine needed for proper growth and health of invertebrates and algae. The use of Elos I2, a blend of three different iodine sources and enzymatic activators, is also beneficial.


    Guaranteed quality:
    Manufactured under strict control in modern facilities designed to produce high purity pharmaceuticals.
    Highly pure:
    Because made from pure salts of laboratory quality.
    Better bioavailability:
    Thanks to the use of a unique slow release component Ideal when used for coral drops.
    High efficiency:
    25 ml for 12,500 lt of aquarium water (3,300 gal)

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