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Vitamin supplement for corals (25ml).

Although vitamins are only one of many components of a healthy diet, your ornamental fish and invertebrates need vitamins to survive. Fish need an extra dose of vitamins at some stages, such as when using frozen food for feeding, in stressful situations due to transport, moving and acclimation to the aquarium, during and after pharmaceutical treatment to support spawning maturity mainly of vitamins C and E and for rearing young fish.


    can be added directly to the freshwater or marine aquarium or mixed with the food supply
    ideal for integration with frozen and live foods
    reduces the risk of bacterial infections by strengthening the immune system
    prevents deficiency situations and detoxifies the fish liver
    helps to cope with stressful situations (catching, transport, etc.)
    ensures optimal nutrition during and after medical treatment
    supports spawning maturity
    meets the extreme needs during rearing

size: 25 ml glass bottle with calibrated dropper

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