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Highly concentrated KH supplement - 500 ml
+ma Mineral additives Line

A complex formula of pH buffers designed to adjust the alkalinity of marine and freshwater aquariums. Its use is necessary to counteract pH fluctuations and maintain KH (carbonate hardness) at the desired level. Designed to increase the KH while improving its long-term stability. A perfect additive that can also be used in the balling method in combination with Extra Calcium, Magnesium and our line of trace elements.

Use: Add every other day or as needed to keep KH concentration in the proper range. It is recommended to prepare a stock solution by dissolving 10 grams (~2.5 teaspoons) of the product in 0.2 lt (6.7 fl. oz.) of RO water; each ml of solution increases the KH concentration in 5 lt (1.32 US gal) of water by 0.3 ppm.

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