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Iron Fertilizer - Advanced Formula - 250 ml

It is a chelated iron based supplement, 2ml give you the possibility to reach a concentration of 0,5 mg/lt in 30 liters of water. The highly concentrated formula and the use of chelated elements of new generation can ensure stability in a wide pH range, that is, this supplement is particularly suitable for aquariums that use lamps with LED technology, because of its radiation, which often overlaps with the traditional chelating agents on the market.

This supplement helps prevent chlorosis, which is characterized by wilting leaves. It also helps in coloring red pigmented plants.

ELOS 4 Ferro has been studied for use in aquariums with high plant growth where strong light, such as LED or T5, is used.


    does not alter the ionic stability of the aquarium water
    high effectiveness
    provides visible results in a very short time

In densely planted aquariums where CO2 is used, as well as in strong light, we recommend the combined use of ELOS 1. 2. 3. 5. and Rigenera.

Dosage: 1 ml per 30 litri in the starting phase (1-8. week), 2 ml per 30 litri in the regime (>9 week). Add in combination with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and Rigenera.

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