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Perfect entry


Entry into hybrid LED/Hybrid technology at a favourable price.

Without sacrificing convenience, the GEMINI offers an optimal entry point into hybrid technology.




By means of built-in Bluetooth light control, the 3 LED channels can be continuously dimmed and (nbsp) programmed, and additionally both T-5 channels, with a total of four T-5 lights, can be turned on or off at a desired time. The high quality aluminium casing provides optimal cooling for the lamp. Each group of lights, both T-5 and LED´s, are equipped with performance enhancing reflectors. Delivery includes T-5 lamps in the colour of your choice.

Automatic 24 hour light management

GEMINI utilises the same light management which has made our VERVvE models so successful. Realistic 24 hour daily light cycles with diversely coloured sunrises and sunsets, as well as the entire spectrum of special effects with weather simulation or moonlight simulation with life-like cycles, put your aquarium in the best possible light.

Colour choices and intensity regulation

The LED groups offer three independently programmable colour channels, each with up to eight switching points per day respectively. Additionally, both pairs of T-5 tubes are activated according to your wish. The light distribution of the T-5 lamps are constructed and designed in such a way that they complement the LED groups in a meaningful way.






Simplest operation



Tried and tested LED placement

Each individual 50W LED group offers three separately programmable colour channels, with up to eight switching points per day. This allows a wide range of colour combinations for salt water aquariums, as well as a colour intensity between 1 and 100%, adjustable exactly according to your wishes, for each colour channel. The placement of the LED´s on every individual board is the same as the successful colour composition of the VIVA LED boards, which combine perfectly with the light produced by the T-5 tubes. All LEDs are equipped with 120° lenses and direct the light evenly and without loss, into the aquarium

High Performance T-5

CAD computed individual reflectors with a reflection rate of 99%, made of high gloss and especially robust aluminium, for every T-5 group, deliver an enormous light quantity, which amounts to a performance of 150% better, compared to standard materials. Every pair of T-5 lamps can likewise be conveniently switched via integrated electronics, and if desired, be adjusted using Bluetooth.

Unique synthesis between LED and T-5

The light distribution of the T-5 lamps is arranged in such a way that the light produced complements that of the LED groups, and in the middle section, multiplies it. Through the different angles of the reflected beams of the T-5 and the LEDs, an even, intensive illumination of the entire aquarium is achieved.



The intuitive steering software of MAC, Windows or android devices make programming and operating the GEMINI child’s play. Using the particularly secure Bluetooth wireless connection, a direct connection between your device and the lighting system is established, without elaborate set up, or temperamental internet solutions.

Plug & Play

This says it all – unpack, switch on, and you´re ready to go, everything is included in your delivery – no additional accessories are necessary.



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