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Descreetly designed


VIVA – the light system, discreetly designed

Ranging from the complete sunlight spectrum for a tropical freshwater aquarium to white-blue and actinic light for salt-water aquariums, the new portfolio of fixtures provides the ideal entry point into the powerful LED technology.




VIVA – a perfect entry point into the world of LED technology.

VIVA opens a window into the world of powerful LED technology for your aquarium – Ranging from the full spectrum of natural sunlight to the white/blue and actinic light for salt-water aquariums – the GIESEMANN’s novel lighting series offers truly all-round solutions.

The VIVA lighting concept

Carefully selected LEDs provide a variable power of up to 150 Watts, creating uncompromising light performance and stunningly brilliant colours. Each VIVA light unit comprises 3 equidistantly spaced LED clusters along the length of the lamp, with in total 48 carefully selected CREE LEDs.


Sun scattering effect and natural light reflections

The combination of the wide emission angle of up to 100°, and the brightness of the premium-grade LED assembly guarantee, even for increased water depths, the popular sun scattering effect, which is the scattering of light on the water surface with the seemingly natural light reflections on the floor of the aquarium, the so-called caustic patterns.

The use of strongly focusing lenses creates a perfect illumination for areas of circa 90-100 cm (30-36”) in length and 45-60 cm 18-24”) in width.

The specifically designed individual high gloss reflectors of each LED colour guarantee maximum light yields and optimum colour blends. All the light emitted from VIVA is thus directed into the aquarium without any losses. The reflectively coated bottoms create optimal non-blinding conditions and guide light reflections onto the water surface and back into the aquarium – no light is lost and is instead completely available to your aquarium.





Durable & Convenient

With its unique concept and the scientific design, VIVA is perfect for aquarium rookies  as well as for experts with medium-grade lighting requirements, who nevertheless want convenience, durability and individual control options with respect to lighting.



The aluminium lightweight construction allows VIVA to fit over any aquarium. Available in two fashionable colours, pure-white and iridium-metallic, it is sure to blend harmonically into the ambient design of your home.


VIVA is available in two models

VIVA tropic – equipped with premium-grade high-power LEDs and with a full spectrum of colour nuances offers excellent light conditions for all sorts of aquarium vegetation. It simulates natural daylight and thereby easily penetrates water to a depth of up to 60 cm.

VIVA marine – also comes equipped with ultra bright high-power LEDs, accentuating the blue spectral range while at the same time simulating the entire light spectrum, designed specifically for marine aquariums. It offers optimal light conditions for the proliferation of almost all corals and invertebrates in aquariums with a water depth up to 55 cm.


Natural daily rhythm


Let the sun rise over the aquarium

Let the sun rise slowly over the aquarium in the morning. Immerse your aquarium in glaring light at noon and watch the slowly approaching dusk in the evening. VIVA provides realistic and natural light scenarios in every aquarium. At night, only the moon provides light and shade in the aquarium, allowing you to observe the nocturnal aquarium inhabitants.


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