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The compact LED-Modul

LED light modules, also suitable for use in many aquarium covers, provide flexible and expandable options.



Biological  Light

PULZAR are available in many variants. They all contain a light power of up to 180 lumen per Watt and come in a range of seven sizes from 470 mm up to 1470 mm length. Whether fixed or freely suspended, in either freshwater or marine aquariums, dimmed or non-dimmed: PULZAR provides all options.


Specially developed for aquariums

PULZAR is a LED system that has been specifically developed for illuminating aquariums, whether freshwater or salt-water. As always, we are focused on the minutest details. Now you can offer your aquarium species, your vegetation and corals natural light conditions appropriate to them, which mimic nature.

Top quality details


Top quality details characterize the PULZAR light module. The lighting profile specifically designed for the PULZAR series consists of a special aluminium alloy, which is refined by a premium anodization. This additional surface treatment serves as optimal corrosion protection, even in aggressive salt-water. The lighting profile is constructed specifically to be warp resistant, such that even at maximum length it does not bend.


Perfect cooling - Optimal conditions for maximum performance

PULZAR’s complex but also very compact lighting profile contains a significant cooling surface. The black anodised surface of the lighting housing contributes to a 15% higher cooling power (absorption) in contrast to a silver housing. As a result of this, the PULZAR LED module does not require additional cooling for example through ventilators, which makes it silent and perfectly cooled at the same time.


Double protection - For increased durability of your PULZAR

Each PULZAR module is equipped with a transparent protective acrylic pane with almost loss-free light transparency. Additionally, this cover is lined with a Neoprene seal, thereby protecting the LED, as well as the control electronics, from the exterior environment. The PULZAR light module is thus dust- and water-proof according to IP67 (based on DIN EN 60529).


Superior light intensities


In form of the standard or HO version

The PULZAR-LED module can be obtained in the standard version but also in a dimmable high performance (high-output, HO) version. The HO version offers an up to 50% higher light intensity but also the option to dim the light and adjust luminous colours according to your needs.

The PULZAR HO already utilizes the novel ceramic LED from CREE that combines truly noncompromising performance and durability. This novel LED generation offers light intensities of up to 140 lumen per watt in the white light range, which corresponds to about 15-times the output of a conventional light bulb


Our role model is nature

The combination of the wide angle of 130° and the brightness of the premium-grade LED assembly produces the popular sun scattering effect even at increased water depths, which is the scattering of light on the water surface with seemingly natural light reflections on the floor of the aquarium, the so-called caustic patterns.

The perfect illumination of your aquarium can be achieved up to a water depth of approx. 50 cm by avoiding strongly focusing lenses (for the standard version) and even up to a water depth of 60 cm (for the HO version). While the former values are valid in freshwater, in sea-water, homogeneous illumination can be achieved up to a depth of 45 cm (standard version) and 55 cm (HO version).


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PULZAR / RAZOR universal insertion PULZAR / RAZOR universal insertion
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Aquarium support for PULZAR Aquarium support for PULZAR
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