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Aquablue azure


POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-azure is a novel, recently developed special bulb for the basic illumination of reef aquariums. It increases the light power whilst optimizing colour perception and improving coral growth.



POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-azure is a newly developed special T-5 bulb for all reef aquariums, which increases the light power while optimizing the colour perception. It increases coral growth while producing the full spectrum of colours in the aquarium. With its white/turquoise/cyan-coloured light and a colour temperature of about 17.000 K it can be used as main light source or in combination with other light colours of our POWERCHROME T-5 range.

POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-azure

is a high-performance T5-lamp with intense power and a stable spectrum for illuminating reef aquariums, creating fascinating colour effects and an abundant coral growth.

POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-azure is available, just like the entire POWERCHROME T-5 programme in versions ranging from 24, 39, 54 to 80 Watts.







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