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Super actinic


POWERCHROME T-5 super-actinic provide a purely actinic light spectrum, which specifically increases the fluorescence of colourful corals and thereby creates amazing light effects.



Some corals attain the maximum of their beauty and expression only through profoundly fluorescent colours. In the ocean, these species, like some types of sea-shells, are only present in water depths, which naturally offer certain UV-wavelengths. This is why we developed a fluorescent tube that brings these colours into your home aquarium.

POWERCHROME T-5 super-actinic

possesses a purely actinic light spectrum, which means that only a very limited range of the light spectrum is available. POWERCHROME T-5 super actinic is a high performance T5-lamp with very strong actinic light, which creates a slightly white/violet impression in your aquarium. The POWERCHROME T-5 super actinic increases the natural fluorescence of particularly colourful hard corals, and therefore complements your HQI illumination in an optimal way.

POWERCHROME T-5 super actinic are available in all power levels ranging from 24, 39, 54 to 80 Watts.




With the use of special fluorescent substances, POWERCHROME T-5 super actinic provides a colour spectrum, which for example LEDs cannot reproduce. Therefore, this special fluorescent tube perfectly complements LED lighting systems, in order to provide the full spectrum of natural light to the aquarium.  


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421 nm
421 nm
421 nm
421 nm
Length 550 mm 850 mm 1150 mm 1450 mm
Power 24 Watt 39 Watt 54 Watt 80 Watt


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