LED Controller - light control - max 120 Watt

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Light control

for connecting up to two PULZAR G3 LED modules (total power 120W max.)

  • Easy operation
  • Exceptionally low-priced entry-level model
  • Automatic sunrises and sunsets
  • illuminated LC display
  • Buttons with pressure point
  • Can be used as a simple switch
  • Control of one or two lights at the same time

Smart and Simple
The perfect solution for anyone who needs basic control of the already biologically optimised colour channels.

The controller is designed as a classic on/off switch for the PULZAR G3 and MINOX light series at a particularly favorable price.  

The LED controller has an easy-to-read LC Display and large buttons with a pressure point for setting the functions. The LED controller allows you to program your light on a daily basis. You specify when the light should start and when it should reach its full brightness. During this time, the brightness is gradually increased. The same applies if you want your lighting to start at dusk and switch off at the end of the day. A great effect is that the lighting slightly changes the colour spectrum in the morning when it dims up and in the evening when it dims down. The light becomes warmer in fresh water and a bit bluer in salt water, creating the impression of natural sunrises and sunsets.

The LED controller is designed as a low-cost on/off switch and is not used for permanent dimming of the lights or for programming longer dimming periods or complex daily profiles. If you want to use your lights in dimming mode or want to set the three colour channels individually, we recommend our lynk pro WIFI controller.

How many and which lights can I control?
You can add a battery to the LED controller (not included), which allows you to retain the settings even if there are brief interruptions to the power supply. It is not possible to control the individual LED channels, but the light spectrum of all our lights is already perfectly balanced for your aquarium even without controlling the colour channels. The Giesemann LED controller has standardized connectors for our lighting systems - for up to two lights with a total output of up to 120 watts. It is particularly easy to program in just a few steps and is simply connected between the existing power supply unit and the light.

The Giesemann LED controller is designed for anyone looking for a simple, cost-effective lighting controller that does not focus on individual or permanent dimming. The LED controller is suitable for all PULZAR G-3 models and the new MINOX


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