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Metal halide bulbs offer the best alternative to natural light when it comes to intensive lighting for aquariums. Their efficient light performance and colour reproduction, in combination with their relative low costs, offers distinct advantages over all other light sources.  In particular, the bulb accentuates the beauty of coloured corals. The full lighting spectrum guarantees the best conditions for growth. The optical impression is crystal white; however blue and violet colours are also clearly accentuated. 
High luminous flux
color temperature:  17.500° Kelvin
We offer the MEGACHROME crystal with capacities of 
  • 150 Watt 
  • 250 Watt 
  • 400 Watt 
  • double ended
    (150 and 250 Watt)
  • single ended E40
    (250 and 400 Watt)

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