LINEA marine 85/400 - 120*60*140cm

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Illustrations do not necessarily correspond exactly to the selected equipment and are based on the 160 cm model.

Aquarium System Marine



LINEA - Aquarium of the extra class
Sophisticated design and high-quality materials are the hallmarks of the LINEA range.
This exhibition model includes already special features.

Marine aquaristics without compromise
The LINEA marine aquarium system has been developed to make marine aquariums easier than ever. Whether you are just starting out with reef aquariums or are already an experienced aquarist, the LINEA marine range will meet all your expectations of an innovative marine aquarium.



LINEA Aquarien stand

  • aquarium aluminium stand
  • 1205x603x850 mm
  • Version Room devider - doors on both long sides
  • integrated aquarium bottom frame (50 mm)
  • internal bottom plate
  • aquarium support rubber compensated
  • open rear wall
  • Frame colour titanium fine structure
  • Decor design Driftwood Nero
  • Door design glass black
  • Door opening gripless (push-to-open)


POOL Aquarium

  • Aquarium 120x60x55 cm / 12 mm
  • without longitudinal braces
  • high quality crystal glass
  • all edges with diamond cut and polished
  • glued with black silicone
  • integrated overflow (black, position rear middle)
  • with comb and 3 holes in the bottom
  • Aquarium back side black laminated
  • including PVC-Set marine
  • SPHERA aquarium frame -titanium fine structure


Note: Exhibits and special designs are manufactured according to special specifications. Confirmed orders cannot be cancelled

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