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POWERCHROME tropic is one of the few full-spectrum T-5 lamps on the market. The light spectrum and individual wavelengths of the fluorescent tube covers the entire colour spectrum ranging from blue to red.



Water plants and corals from upper reef zones have adapted to the full sunlight spectrum. In their natural biosphere water plants almost exclusively occur in clear water suffused with light in shallow depths (max. 2 – 3 m). Also, many corals, nurtured in aquariums, originate from shallow water biospheres, where the complete spectrum of sunlight is present. Down to a depth of about 6 m all visible wavelengths of light penetrate water to a very similar extent. This is why it is important to provide these plants and corals with a light that mimics natural sunlight as closely as possible.

is one of a very few fluorescent tubes that is designed to be a full spectrum lamp. The light spectrum shows that each individual colour of the fluorescent tube possesses the entire spectrum from blue to red. POWERCHROME tropic lamps represent the colours of the aquarium in a very natural way. Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on POWERCHROME T-5 lamps. This provides overwhelming evidence for the outstanding quality of our fluorescent tubes.

POWERCHROME T-5 tropic are available in all power levels ranging from 24, 39, 54 to 80 Watts.






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