LED systems

LED systems

LED systems

LED Technologie made in Germany
When developing our LED systems we have always striven for perfection, right down to the smallest detail. All of the components, including the housing and thermo-elements, as well as the beating heart of every lamp – the electronics board - are made here in Germany. Fully automated board assembly and robot-controlled manufacturing allow for competitive production while, at the same time, ensuring extremely high standards of quality and build precision. 

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Product no.: 20.120.400

LED High-Power light modul 
including power supply with European power plug
color: matt black anodized

from 149.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days


Product no.: 20.140.218

L = 160 mm, high power LED 20W - 40°
incl. LED 20 Watt lamp PAR 38 - E27 - exchangeable

from 169.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 8 days


Product no.: 20.172.000

Ultra flat LED lightning
Bluetooth / radio controlled moduls

from 899.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days


Product no.: 20.173.000-0

High-Tech LED modul

  • aluminium housing for optimized temperature management
  • powder coated
  • 95° reflector
  • LC-Display
  • Master-/Slave mode
  • Bluetooth control (plus)
  • 365 x 250 x 37 mm
from 579.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 15 days


Product no.: 20.174.000-0

VIVA LED light - 900 mm
integrated management, 150 Watt

LED lighting for aquariums up to a length of approximately 100 cm (38") and combines the entire LED technology in a stylish housing made of high-quality aluminium. 3 LED clusters, each with 50 watts, distribute the light evenly above the aquarium. Each LED board has a high-glossy mirrored reflector for optimal light distribution, colour mixing and the prevention of point-to-point light concentrations.

The integrated heat sink is passively cooled and works without additional fans. The LED light colours were determined in complex tests, achieving a natural and biologically meaningful spectrum both for fresh water aquariums (tropic) or mixed seawater aquariums (marine). The built-in 3-channel control with display allows individual programming of the light. (delivery without mounting option)

  • Size: 910 x 250 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 5,75 kg
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Channels: 3
  • Max power 150 Watt (variable from 0-150 Watt)
  • Lighting: 100 x 55 cm
  • Depth: 55 cm


from 599.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days


Product no.: 20.175.000

LED Hybrid light
integrated management

from 799.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days


Product no.: 20.480.640

LED + T-5 dim
Bluetooth control with 5 channels

including adjustable suspension kit

from 899.00 * A++ - A
In stock
can be shipped within 8 days
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